Saturday, February 14, 2009

Singlespeed: An end?

The singlespeed conversion cant stick with me.

At 1st, i tried to set the ratio of 1:2 32T front and 16T rear but my stamina isnt powerful to give the drivetrain a sudden gush whenever i want to attempt a pedal kick.

To eliminate this problem, i changed the rear teeath to 18T to lighten up and accelerate easily, but then another problem abrupt, the chain can't cope with the sudden accelaration and slip. If i was pedalling in a straight course, it wouldnt be an issue but jumping and slipping a chain really killed me, and my shin gets another whip!

Well the wound maybe looks like minor it is actually a deep wound. Duh!!!!!

And the sad thing is i decided to use my previous setup: the drivetrain. but i sold it! I sold the X9 to a johor rider and now the feeling of stupidity playing into my mind, another decision went wrong? And OMG my chainguide also have been sold! where can i find another?

So i posted at;
1) Dabomb SS kit for sale

Suprisingly it took only 5 minutes to have it sold! Lucky me!

I arrange meet with Joe whom bought the SS kit at Bikepro. Again i am lucky to get a syncros Chainguide kit at RM110, the retail price should be RM 326!!!!

The chainguide took a pain stacking 7 hours of time to be aligned properly, altough Scirocco have an ISCG05 mount, the syncros is ISCG Chainguide so the BB holds the plate.

The other wound have healed nicely, I have also bought SRAM road rear casette, a shimano Saint shifter and an Ultegra RD to replace the X9 setup. Still the chainguide need some fine adjustments, i postponed my plan to go to PCP today to have everything ready, i think i will be riding my BMX for these few days to have the Scirocco properly setup.

I took some pics of my previous study place, UTM. it is under demolition process now, just to save the memories.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's been a while....

I know i haven't update my blog for a while, due to my laziness and lack of interesting pics to post here :D

My lil' daughter is now fine thanks to my neighbour whom helped to heal her from her problem to sleep in the nite.

I am currently waiting for a frame to arrive and will sell it once it arrive, it is a Gary Fisher GED jump frame.

At first i wish to build another bike but i think i will put it aside as i am planning to convert my Scirocco to Single speed. I wish to focus in handling than other, after falling each time i visit PCP, i knew i am still lack of knowledge and skill to control my body.

Here is some pics of my latest ride session at PCP on 9/2/08, there was Lie, me, Rudy, Lah, Flat and later Ober and his bro joined us.

I have went to PCP 2 days earlier with Khayal but he was injured quite badly and didn't join us.

While the others enjoying the DH trail with the berms and small table tops, i was alone at the Dirt jump area, i done few jumps and it was OK until i fall and smashed my left body, it was really hard that my full face helmet have a deep slash on it. My vision faded for 2 seconds, and really, the fall made me forgot for a while how to jump, i gained back my how-to-jump memory after a nice hot shower back at home that day. It was a weird feeling to forget something i have done repeatedly, that is why after the tabletop, I cant land my rear tires during the 17ft distance jump attempt, i felt hesitated to take the jump but i forced myself. There was buzzing sound inside my brain at that time, still, i continued and luckily i didn't fell.

As in pic, Flat take-off are great, he gained distance, speed and control.

As for me, i didn't pedal at all, after the fall, i decided to scan the jump first by passing thru the jump. Maybe next time cos my head was buzzing at the moment due to the crash at the DJ area. I got some bruises at my butt at shoulder, luckily i wore my knee/shin and elbow guard, it will be more disastrous if i didn't.

All the jumping, bashing and hehehe shouting to burn other riders heart to jump suddenly everyhting ended when a rider crashed and suffered a dislocated shoulder, he pulled the front brake hard, that is what triggered the disastrous fall.

Later, the next day, i decided to sell off my SRAM X9 set to convert my bike to SS. I wish to concentrate on skill development than thinking which gear i should be running, so I bought the kit at Fook Sang Sunway today and currently my X9 have been reserved for a Johor rider.

Here is what's needed for the 9 to 1 conversion:-

1) Da bomb RL-4 chain tensioner, due to the scirocco vertical rear dropout, a chain tensioner is needed as it is the method to minimize the chain slapping. Unlike horizontal dropout which is easy to adjust.

2) The 9 to 1 conversion kit.

I sold my chainguide to Lie. Will have it installed today at Yoong's Ampang and will update with more pics later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jump construction

The venue: Taman Keramat
The time: 9pm
The criminals:
1) Duan (Super mastermind and evil genius in hibiscus pants)
2) Ober (Voted as the should be the first rider to test)
3) Hezri (Bukit Cermin Rider- fuhhh respect you came all the way bro)
4) Myself
5) Zakee (Badang)

I bought some shovel at Ace hardware and a torchlight. The jump arent very high but the drop is a slope after rider airbourne.... what made more terifying is the only guide light for the jumps is a torchlight held by Duan.....

We build the jump using chunk of rocks collected as the base, a sand bag, and the soil around it to strengthen it.

So after 10 minutes waiting for Ober to write his will before the jump, Hezri cant take it anymore and replaced Ober's place as a crash test dummy for the nite.

After seeing Hezri jumping few times, I was also toxicated to jump although i am wearing slippers. The camera reaction time is too slow that we can't predict when is the perfect time to snap it.

Ober finally jump too... luckily he bought his DaBomb last night, Thank and kudos to all who have been helpful completing the task although it was dark....

more upgrades will be done. Zakee and I will preserve the build and today we will bring our shovels to add some reinforcement to avoid anyone or nature destructing it.